Leukothera™ is a natural targeted biologic that is specific for a subset of white blood cells (WBCs). The agent functions by depleting and preventing migration of the activated immune cells involved in diseases of white blood cells. The cellular receptor for Leukothera™ is leukocyte function antigen-1 (LFA-1). Since LFA-1 is expressed only on WBCs, other cells and tissues of the body are not affected.

Supporting Literature

Competitive advantages for Leukothera™ include:

  • Highly specific cellular targeting – Due to its specificity for activated LFA-1, Leukothera® only targets certain WBCs. No drugs presently available act via this mechanism so it may be effective for treating relapsed or resistant disease.
  • Dual mechanism of biological action – Leukothera® is able to both kill diseased WBCs and prevent them from migrating to other parts of the body.

  • Highly active – Leukothera® is a natural agent that has evolved to efficiently target only a certain portion of WBCs.  Thus, the doses of Leukothera® required to deplete susceptible cells are significantly lower than for other biologics such as monoclonal antibodies.

  • Safety – Leukothera® administered to rhesus monkeys and dogs caused only a transient depletion of WBCs and was well-tolerated with no observed adverse reactions in non-targeted organs. Significant percentages of WBCs always remain after dosing. The drug would also be useful for patients too ill to undergo or maintain standard chemotherapy protocols.

Click below to learn about the use of Leukothera™ for treatment of various diseases:

  • Hematologic malignancies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • HIV infection

Hematologic Diseases

Hematologic diseases (leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma) are cancers of white blood cells that are often deadly and difficult to treat. Preclinical efficacy studies have shown that Leukothera™ is highly effective at eliminating malignant white blood cells both under laboratory conditions and in animals.

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Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases comprise a range of disorders that are characterized by the abundant presence of chronically activated WBCs. Leukothera® specifically targets these activated WBCs without affecting healthy cells and tissues.

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HIV infects white blood cells and can hide from our immune system within them. Current therapies can target replicating virus, but do not eliminate the HIV-infected cells. These infected white blood cells are what prevent any current drugs from curing HIV infection.

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